August 11, 2014

Formation of 2tainment

A new company combines the worlds of hardware and software to create
2tainment GmbH
Eschborn, August 10, 2014.
The aim of 2tainment GmbH, founded in in Eschborn near Frankfurt on August 1, 2014, is to achieve an intelligent merger of the software and hardware sectors. The new company is the brainchild of industry veterans Wolfgang Duhr and Stefan Weyl.

2tainment GmbH is positioning itself as a traditional publisher focused on marketing promising game titles and hardware accessories. The experienced duo recently grew bitComposer Entertainment AG into an internationally successful publisher, and left in March 2014 to launch their new venture, 2tainment GmbH.

In the software sector, 2tainment is concentrating mainly on the marketing of PC titles. The founders have years of experience and extensive contacts in the industry, so development studios will not only benefit from their expertise in marketing and PR, but will also gain unparalleled access to physical and digital distribution channels. “In the digital domain particularly, for developers it’s no longer merely a case of getting their title through the automated green light process. Apart from the right product, what counts is the ability to implement effective marketing and PR activities and smart product placements to ensure long-term success.” says Wolfgang Duhr.

Weyl and Duhr previously helped a number of developers along the road to success, and their former company was one of the first in the German-speaking world to have a direct listing on STEAM. 2tainment’s current software portfolio already includes 10 titles that will be announced over the coming weeks.

Besides gaming accessories such as headsets and mice, the hardware portfolio also includes controllers and additional peripherals, and production has just started on a range of accessories for the new PS4 and Xbox One. Stefan Weyl explained the strategic background to marketing the hardware and software: “Whereas software and hardware have been largely handled separately in the gaming sector, operating in both domains means that 2tainment can exploit the massive potential for numerous synergies and opportunities.”

Internationally renowned partners with an intimate knowledge of their local markets will be responsible for the traditional distribution of the product catalog, while digital games distribution will be via direct listings on the relevant portals.

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