Mai 16, 2014


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2tainment GmbH is a global publishing company in the PC and video games market. The company focuses on the international development, financing and marketing of entertainment products in the software and hardware sector.

2tainment was founded in July 2014 by industry veterans Stefan Weyl and Wolfgang Duhr. The duo brought famous products like STALKER, Jagged Alliance, The Voice and numerous other indie games to the market with their previous company, bitComposer Entertainment AG. While the founders of 2tainment are still shareholders in bitComposer, both companies are totally independent.

2tainment is adopting a focused and unique approach to the development and marketing of their catalog of titles and optimum care and attention will be devoted to individual products in a smaller portfolio to ensure their high and permanent profile in the market. This will benefit gamers, developers and distribution and trade partners alike.
Many years of expertise in the industry has given the 2tainment management team access to an experienced network of finance, development and sales and marketing worldwide.

2tainment’s global sales and distribution network has extensive coverage of both stationary and digital commerce extending to 80 countries and 90% of the international market.

Besides its marketing knowhow, 2tainment can also offer external and hand-picked external developers attractive funding options to enable them to complete their projects. 2tainment can also access external investors to provide project financing for periods of between 9 and 24 months.

2tainment is currently looking for external development studios to implement existing IPs in the strategy sector.

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