Juli 9, 2014


As a global publishing Company, we offer a huge variety of services to secure the success of our common projects:

Digital Distribution
With an experience of 30+ digitally published titles, we have a strong and personal relation to STEAM and many other digital download platforms.
We cover more than 95% of all digital portals. A comprehensive cover of the market will raise your profit by more than 20%.

Retail Distribution
Our global distribution network secures a comprehensive appearence of our product in the shelves. We take care about producing, logistigcs and after-sales-management.

Marketing/ PR
In addition to our sales activities, our team takes care about a strong marketing and communications campaign, attracting people with:

-> Special interest PR
-> Online advertising, classical advertising
-> Community management
-> Social media marketing

Project Management
From the first concept draft to the release of each game, we take care about the whole project.
The developer can be focusing on its core competence, all other tasks will be handeled by our experienced

Due to our established network, we are able to finance or co-finance selected projects. We are very experienced within this field,
not only providing the needed amount, but also the reporting, communication and contact to our financial partners.

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