PX4 Dualcharger Station

The PX4 Dualcharger Station reliably charges up to two PS4 Controllers simultaneously. Bi-colour LEDs indicate at all times if the controllers are full or still charging. Power is supplied through the enclosed USB cable, which plugs directly into the PlayStation. That means a separate adaptor is not required.
The charging boxes are designed to snugly fit the Original PlayStation Controller and ensure a reliable power supply. A large rubberised foot provides stability.

Value pack:

This  offer  features 8 additional high-quality controller stick attachments  for use with the Original PS4 Controller. The attachments not only protect the delicate controller sticks, but also give players better grip and control in games.



  • Dual charger for two PS4 Controllers
  • Stable non-slip rubberised feet
  • Charge level displayed with a bi-colour LED
  • USB charging lead to supply power via the PS4
  • Including 8 controller stick attachments
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