Juli 20, 2016


Junior Product Manager (full time)

Will work closely with product development to make sure our games meet and exceed consumer expectations and are commercially viable, achieve profitability and ROI goals, are well positioned in the marketplace, have a strategic marketing plan, and are brought to market successfully and managed throughout their lifecycle as ongoing brands.


– Plan and develop branding communications, advertising, promotional and PR programs to enhance sales of his/her product(s).
– Conduct and analyze market research data to define product positioning, as well as monitor competitive activity and identify consumer needs.
– Identify key-success factors for the game, build its final positioning, and benchmark your analysis against consumer research studies.
– Present the game’s foundations to operational marketing and work with them to achieve maximum success in the marketplace.
– Assist with development of a communication strategy of the game (PR, packaging, point of purchase, advertising, online).
– Manage the development of game assets (trailers, demos, screenshots…) and ensure that your assets are translated into the constitutive elements of the game, such as universe, characters, and actions.
– Assess potential strategic alliances to expand products sales and lifecycle.
– Deliver well communicated game presentations at PR and corporate events.


– Requires a BA in Business, Marketing or Communications

– Excellent communication/organizational skills, consumer brand experience a must
– Gaming knowledge
– Strong oral and written communication skills required. Must be articulate and professional, as this position is required to present to several groups internally and externally – including the press
– Ability to build brands, create and uphold product positioning, set goals and objectives with methods to measure success and failures is crucial
– Ability to maintain strict confidentiality with privileged information, work well with others and handle a high-pressure environment

Please send your application and CV to jobs@2tainment.com

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